Get rid of squirrels in my loft

Squirrel Control – Our pest control technician Dean has recently had to trap some squirrels in a large 6 bedroom property in Wokingham.

The client had been hearing noises in the loft for a few weeks, and had seen a squirrel on his roof a few times so he’d assumed the squirrels had got into the loft.

As it wasn’t Rats he thought he’d leave them alone to nest and then block the hole once they left, rather than dispatch the squirrels.

But at 3am water started pouring from the light fittings on the landing! Which meant an expensive emergency call out for a plumber to fix the pipe the squirrels had gnawed!

The plumber also for many chew cables in the loft.

So the owner decided to get a pest control company in to resolve the squirrel issue before anymore damage was done.

Dean has caught both squirrels in the loft and repaired the entry point.

He’s also recommend for a few trees to be heavily pruned to stop the squirrels accessing the roof.

If you have squirrels in your loft and need advice call 01189 680841 or visit Squirrel Control Berkshire

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