Rat Blocker for Drains

Rat Blocker for drains – DKG Pest Control Ltd have been installing Rat Blocking drain valves since 2009! The initial plastic rodent non-return valves were very difficult to install properly and would often jam open!

As with everything, the rat blocking drain valves have improved a huge amount recently! The new RatWall drain valve by Metex is brilliant!

They are high grade stainless steel and the hinge pin is outside of the drain pipe so there’s nothing for detritus to snag on and cause a blockage in the drain.

I have personally installed over 100 RatWall drain valves and not had a single blockage, and they have stopped the rats entering the property via the drains everytime!

We are the Approved Installer of RatWall valves for Berkshire and Hampshire.

For more info call 01189 680841

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