Mole Control Berkshire this spring time

Mole Control – Spring is nearly upon us and this time of year is our mole catchers busiest time of year.

It’s approaching the moles breeding season, so moles will be moving around finding a mate. Meaning there will be an increased amount of mole activity!

The moles will be digging out nesting chambers which can be a hole the size of a football just under the surface, if somebody or livestock was to put their foot on the ground above this moles nest, The ground could give way causing serious injury.

Moles have between 4-7 babies in each litter, and once they are around 2 months old they will have to fend for themselves. Meaning all of these new moles will have to dig their own network of mole tunnels.

For a local mole catcher in Berkshire call 01189 680841

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