Get rid of mice in the loft – Pest Control Berkshire

DKG Pest Control Ltd provide a professional pest control service in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey.

Our pest control services include mouse control treatments of domestic and commercial properties.

Our pest technicians are experts at sourcing the cause of the mouse infestation as well as eradicating the current population of mice.

We specialise in non-toxic pest control for mice, we very rarely use poison.

Our pest technicians will recommend any necessary mouse proofing, which often includes the installation of air brick covers from Mouse Mesh or sealing holes in brick work. All of which can be supplied and installed by our technician.

So if you have an issue with mice in the loft, mice in the kitchen taking food or a bad mouse infestation in a large commercial building. DKG Pest Control Ltd will have a solution for your problem.

Get rid of mice in the loft

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