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Rat Infestation Wokingham – Our pest control technician Dean has recently been working to solve a bad rat infestation at Banbury Close in Wokingham.

The terrace of 7 properties had suffered with rats on and off since they were built, other pest control companies have been in to some of the properties over the years and poisoned the rats, however nobody ever looked into where the source of the infestation was!

The past 6 years has seen some of the tenants suffer regular rat infestations where they’ve had the pest control company out 4 or 5 times a year!

Dean was recommended to one of the landlords, and went to survey one of the properties. Dean highlighted the need to tackle the problem as a whole, treating the 7 properties as a single building.

Within 7 days Dean had solved the rat issue and found the source of the problem to be the drains once again!

After installing 7 drain valves, there was never any more Rat activity heard or seen in the properties!

If you have a Rat infestation you’re struggling to eradicate, our technicians are here to help!

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