Rats in my garden under decking – DKG Pest Control Ltd

Rat Control Berkshire – DKG Pest Control Ltd were called to a bad Rat problem in a care home garden this week, the current pest control contractor for the site (Not us) had been battling the rat infestation for months with very limited success!

They would achieve a couple of weeks rat free, and then they were back with a vengeance!

The site manager decided to get a second opinion and contacted our Berkshire Pest Control office.

Dean went to survey the site, and found a number of areas the site needed to proof or clear up. And he identified the source of the infestation to a cut drain ventilation pipe!

The rats were simply climbing out of the drains (where these an endless supply of rats) and then travelling around the grounds under the decking, feeding from the bin area and Bird feeders.

Yet again our technician has solved another long standing Rat infestation within a week!

Berkshire Rat Control

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