Wasp Nest Removal – Wokingham – Berkshire – 2018

Wasp Nest Removal – 2018 is proving to be a very successful year for wasps!

With a beautiful sunny spring and summer the conditions have been perfect for wasps, it has also been ideal weather for BBQ’S and garden parties! Where of course we are often plagued by pests such as wasps, and generally everyone is spending more time in the garden spotting the wasps nests.

Due to it being so hot and dry the wasps have been attracted to any moisture source they can find! So swimming pools, sprinklers, and soft fruit trees have been over run with wasps. Our wasp traps (containing a sweet fermented fruit liquid) have been super effective this year, catching absolutely hundreds of wasps in each trap!

We have treated up to 7 wasp nests on one of our contract premise which is only a 4 bedroom house!

If you require wasp nest removal in Berkshire Hampshire or Surrey call 01189 077019

Wasp Nest Removal Berkshire

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