Local business directory Wokingham

New Wokingham Small Business Directory aims to get the local community to use the smaller family companies. These small businesses really need your support! The regeneration of Wokingham Town centre has had a huge impact on local traders.

Wokingham Directory – Highly Rated Companies

We our please to say we are the first Pest Control company in Wokingham to be accepted on to The new business directory website in Wokingham "Highly Rated Companies" only the best rated Companies will be listed in each local area! Check out our advert here... Highly Rated Pest Control Wokingham

Mouse Proofing garage doors

DKG Pest Control provide all types of rodent proofing, proofing garage doors however is one of the most common jobs we carry out! Usually we will install bristle strips along the bottom of the garage door to place a barrier for mice, it's a simple but effective fix.

Cluster Fly Treatment – DKG Pest Control

Now we have seen the first few frosts of the year we have started treating a lot of properties for cluster fly infestations and harlequin lady birds. These are just frustrating infestations whereby literally hundreds of the insects gather in the corners of the rooms, often the bedrooms around the windows. The cluster flies are... Continue Reading →

Mole Catcher Wokingham

Mole have become very active in the past few days due to the cold damp weather, our mole catchers have been busy setting up mole clearances on our contracts.Mole Catcher

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