Berkshire’s Leading Pest Control Providers

DKG Pest Control LTD are one of Berkshire’s leading pest control companies, we are a true family run company owned and managed by Dean Gibbs.

With Dean’s wife Laura running the office and carrying out some pest control treatments for clients who would prefer a female technician.

Dean’s sister Claire is our marketing and contracts manager.

Dean and his father Robin carry out the majority of the pest control treatments in the area.

We have a couple of highly experienced sub-contractors who carry out drain surveys and drainage repairs for us as this is a highly specialised field where many people miss faults due to inexperience!

DKG Pest Control was established in 2008 by Dean, and has steadily grown ever since. The past two years have seen substantial growth of our commercial market share winning some very large contracts across Berkshire.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, the quality of our pest control treatments and the manner our technicians conduct themselves.

Our family are born and bred in Wokingham, with Laura coming from Farnborough. Deans grandfather was a Mole Catcher for the Railways between Wokingham and Bracknell from 1929!

He taught Robin and Dean the fine art of Mole Trapping which is largely why they are renowned as some of the most effective mole catchers in the country today!

We are a small family business with the feel and organisation of a large brand.

Why risk using anyone else?

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