CCTC Drain Survey Crowthorne – DKG Pest Control LTD

This manhole was discovered under a building on a CCTV Drain Survey our technician carried out today in Crowthorne.

The plastic pipe on the left was a redundant drainage line to an old en-suite that had been removed, and the drain pipe hadn’t been capped properly.

Our drainage technician has installed a non return rodent valve into the drains to stop anymore rats using the drains to enter the property until the repairs have been made.

If you have rats in your drains and require expert help and you want one company to deal with the whole process, from initial pest survey, cctv Drain testing, dye testing the drains, carrying out rodent control, installation of #RatWall rodent valves, drain repairs, Disinfecting after the job is complete and even insulation removal and replacement. We carry out all the work in house to guarantee you receive the highest level of service.

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