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Rat Control Berkshire

Need professional help with a Rat infestation in Woodley Reading?

Here at DKG Pest Control LTD we provide effective treatments against even the most difficult Rat infestations where many others have tried and failed to resolve the issue!

Our technicians Dean and Robin both have vast experience in the building industry prior to pest control, this knowledge of a buildings construction and the drainage systems it what sets them apart from the rest! We carry out the whole pest control treatment in house, Initial survey, treatments, CCTV Drain Surveying, Dye testing drains, proofing and repairs and we’re also the only Approved installers of the RatWall drain valves in Berkshire & Hampshire.

We have recently solved a rat infestation in a two semi-detached properties that had been suffered constant rat infestations for 7 years! They got Pest Control out 4 or 5 times a year who chucked bait down and killed a few, then them smell and flies started! Give it a couple of months and the process repeated.

Between then they had spent over £15,000 on pest control treatments and drain surveys.

Our technician Dean was asked to have a look, he had identified the 3 separate entry points within an hour!

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