How to stop Pigeons nesting under Solar Panels?

Got Pigeons roosting on your roof under the Solar Panels?

Wondering how to stop Pigeons nesting under your solar panels? Well you’ve found the right place!

Feral Pigeons are a common pest in the UK and they especially love to nest under solar panel systems, the solar panels provide shelter from the elements and warmth. The brackets used to secure the solar panels to the roof provide ideal ledges for the pigeons to build their nests on.

With a lot of people in urban areas feeding the wild birds, there is a plentiful food supply to be found.

They only truly effective method of stopping the pigeons nesting under your solar panels is proofing!

There are many different products on the market aimed at bird proofing and some specific solar panel proofing kits. As with everything the quality varies massively and some kits even require the solar panels to have holes drilled in them so the strips can be screwed to them!

Here at DKG Pest Control LTD we only used non invasive clip systems to proof solar panels which also means your warranty shouldn’t be invalidated.

The kit we use is either galvanised steel or stainless steel 25x25mm mesh, 200mm x 30m rolls which is cut to size and bent to suit your roofs pitch by our technicians.

This mesh is fixed to your solar panels with non invasive plastic clips which can easily be removed for servicing or maintenance.

If you would like a quote for your solar panels to be proofed please call 01189 680 841 or visit Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Solar Panel Proofing in Berkshire – Hampshire – Surrey – Oxfordshire – Sussex – Dorset – Buckinghamshire and Middlesex

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