Bird proofing for solar panels Hampshire

Here at DKG Pest Control LTD are based in Hampshire, we have been noticing a huge increase in feral pigeon populations causing distress or posing a risk to human health in domestic settings.

These feral pigeons are used to being fed left overs from fast food outlets and cafes around town centres and public transport hubs, where they usually roost in bridges and on shop roof spaces.

Since the feral pigeons haven’t been able to find food due to the current Covid 19 lockdowns, they have been displaced to domestic gardens in search of food.

They are feeding from domestic garden bird tables and then looking for nesting sites nearby which is usually a neighbors Solar Panels!

Once feral pigeons being to nest under solar panels the numbers increase incredibly quickly, and stopping them can be very difficult without the correct equipment.

We have specialist Solar Panel Bird Proofing kits which are non invasive so require NO drilling, screwing or glueing to the solar panels at all!

We provide a 10 year guarantee with all solar proofing carried out by DKG Pest Control LTD.

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Stop birds nesting under solar panels Hampshire

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