Rat Infestation under garden room Wokingham – DKG Pest Control LTD

Rat Control Wokingham
Rat Pest Control Wokingham
Rat Control Wokingham
Heavy Rat Activity Smearing
Rat Removal Wokingham
Rat Proofing Shed
New floor put in to help stop the rats returning and fogged the room with disinfectant.

Another bad rat infestation resolved in a clients garden room, there was a significant population of rats living in/under this room.

The rats have been controlled, all burrows filled, the floor has been covered with some new ply wood and we have run wire all around the edges where the rats had been chewing their way into the room.

Finished off with the fogging machine with PX disinfectant.

if you need our help with a rat infestation drop us a message or visit Rat Control Wokingham

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