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Pest Control Berkshire

DKG Pest Control have 3 mole catchers covering Berkshire, we have provided a professional mole catching service to clients throughout Berkshire since 2008 as DKG.

Although our family have been involved in mole catching since 1915 when my grandad worked for the railways as a mole catcher / pest controller.

His job was to keep the railway banks pest free, moles, rabbits, squirrels and wasps were all his responsibility back then.

As a child he taught me how to set mole and squirrel traps on local farms, there really is a magical art to being successful at catching moles.

Mole catching is a big part of our company now and it’s a part of pest control I have a passion for! Although it’s not a very lucrative line of work, I love being out in the countryside with nature in winter.

Always have robins and black birds following you round the fields in winter picking up worms from the flattened mole hills.

If you need help from pest control in Berkshire or a local mole catcher in Berkshire call on 01189680841

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