Bird Proofing Solar Panels Guildford

Dean and Robin have just had their quoted to install bird proofing mesh to these solar panels in Guildford. Scaffolding is booked for Thursday next week with the install arranged for Friday. We have helped literally thousands of clients across Southern England protected their Solar investment from pest birds and Squirrels. If you like a... Continue Reading →

Rats in a loft in Yateley

Rat Pest Control Yateley Caught this cheeky Rat on the garage roof of a property in Yateley today. Rat populations have increased significantly since the covid lock downs were imposed especially in domestic properties. Every day we are being call to 5-6 new rat infestations in the Yateley, Sandhurst area, most of which are in... Continue Reading →

Pest Control Wokingham – Rats

Rats on bird feeder in Wokingham Wokingham has seen a significantly higher rat population over the winter of 2021-2022. The rat population in the Wokingham area has been rising ever since the covid lock downs were brought in, but the past three months have been really busy. The increase in bird feeders has been a... Continue Reading →

Wasp Nest Removal Wokingham

Wadp Nest Removal With summer on the way we are starting to see Queen wasps and Bees becoming more active. Keep a look out for small wasp nests being built in sheds and garages when getting the garden tools out. With the fine weather we’ve had I think 2022 will be a busy year for... Continue Reading →

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Wokingham

Bird Proofing Solar Panels Wokingham Bird Proofing Solar Panels Wokingham - Today our team has been pigeon proofing solar panels in Wokingham. Our team specialise in bird proofing solar panels and have help thousands of people across southern England protected their solar investment. If you have pigeons nesting under your solar panels in Wokingham or... Continue Reading →

Wasp Nest Removal Wokingham – Queen Wasps

Wasp Nest Removal Wokingham Clients loft in Wokingham today while I was carrying out a rodent survey. They had a wasp nest last year that wasn’t treated so all the fertile Queen wasps it produced have hibernated in their loft. For wasp nest removal in Wokingham

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