Pest Control Sonning Common

Pest Control Sonning – Our technician in Sonning Common is Laura, who has been with us since 2010.

Laura was one of the first Female RSPH 2 qualified pest control technicians in the country, in the past few years more women have come into the industry as active technicians.

Laura had a really hard time in the early days, and still does now with some clients who just can’t accept a woman as a pest controller.

She really struggled to get people to take her seriously, even though she studied animal management and qualified as a vet, then qualified as a pest controller while shadowing our senior technician for 4 years before working alone.

The annoying thing for her is it’s usually women who cause the issues, not believing or considering her recommendations and just have no faith in her doing a great job.

Yet when Dean (6’8” tattooed bloke) attends to reassure the customer, he will end up saying the exact same things, giving the advice and they have 100% faith in him. One area we do find Laura is really well received is places like widowed OAP’s who are very nervous of strangers in the house.

They find a petit well spoken female very reassuring and safe.

We have brought this up with trade bodies for years and nothing ever gets said about improving the situation.

So if anyone would like pest control in Sonning Common give Laura a try.

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