Mole Control at Binfield Cricket Club

Our Mole Catchers have been to Binfield Cricket Club today to set mole traps for 8 moles that are damaging the pitch. If you would like our mole catchers to help with any mole control needs you may have please call 01189 680841

Mole Catchers in Newbury

Our Mole Catchers in Newbury have been busy on a new contract setting mole traps on across 300 acres of Berkshire countryside. Our Mole Catcher has estimated there's 50-60 moles to be trapped.

Mole Catchers in Pangbourne

Our Mole Catcher in Pangbourne has been looking after this 14 acre property along the Pang for 12 months now, and we're happy to say they've renewed our pest control contract for another year. The owners are really happy with the results our mole catchers have given them! We have a lot of contracts in... Continue Reading →

Mole Catchers in Berkshire

Our Mole Catchers in Berkshire have been busy since coming back to work after the new year. We have taken on two more golf courses and another private school so far this month. If you're having issues with Moles damaging your lawn and need one of our mole catchers to come and get rid of... Continue Reading →

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