Laura is our "Lady Mole Catcher" operating throughout most of Berkshire and Hampshire. Laura's mole trapping is very successful even though she's only been with us as a technician for 2 years. Laura only works out on site a couple of days a week, the rest of the time she is keeping us lads in... Continue Reading →

Bird in Chimney 

Need a Bird Guard Chimney Cowl? We've started receiving calls to remove trapped birds from chimney breasts or in people's house's, as they fall down the chimney while investigating new nesting sites.  There is however a simple solution! By fitting a chimney cowl you can stop the birds gaining access in the first place. Visit... Continue Reading →

Cheap Wasp Nest Removal

DKG Pest Control are offering wasp nest removal to clients in Wokingham or the local area from £50. Fully guaranteed and usually a same day service. Call 01189680841

Wasp Nest Removal Berkshire

Wasp Nest Removal Berkshire - After a poor wasp season in 2012, most pest controllers thought that it may take a few years for wasp numbers to get back to normal. However even this at this early in the wasp nest season we are responding to over 20 call per day with Monday 22nd July... Continue Reading →

Huge Hornet Nest Removal Windsor

Had to remove the biggest hornets nest we have come across today. The nest was removed from a roof space in Old Windsor. 2013 wasp and hornet season is looking to be very busy and the nests are containing more for the time of year already. If you have a wasp nest or hornets nest... Continue Reading →

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