Pest Control for Mice in Berkshire

Mice are a very common pest in the winter months, often taking up residence in lofts, sheds and garages. The main thing to consider when trying to get rid of mice is how are the mice getting in! Mice can fit through extremely small holes so it isn't always easy to locate the entry point.... Continue Reading →

Berkshire Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest Removal 2018 - It won't be long before we are all plagued with wasps whilst in the garden or enjoying sweet foods or drinks outdoors. If you notice a small paper like ball (about the size of a golf ball) appear in your shed or loft, it is likely to be the start... Continue Reading →

How to get rid of mice in Kitchen

Mouse Pest Control - Need to get rid of mice in the kitchen? Mice will take any opportunity presented to them to enter a nice warm property, especially if there's access to food! Mice are able to detect heat flowing out of your property through air bricks or other holes in the masonry. These holes... Continue Reading →

Get rid of squirrels in my loft

Squirrel Control - Our pest control technician Dean has recently had to trap some squirrels in a large 6 bedroom property in Wokingham. The client had been hearing noises in the loft for a few weeks, and had seen a squirrel on his roof a few times so he'd assumed the squirrels had got into... Continue Reading →

Garden Mole Control Berkshire

Garden Mole Control - DKG Pest Control Ltd provide a professional mole control service across Berkshire, our mole catchers have a earned a great reputation in the area based on their great results. If you need mole control in your garden call 01189 680841

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