Pest Control for Mice in Berkshire

Mice are a very common pest in the winter months, often taking up residence in lofts, sheds and garages. The main thing to consider when trying to get rid of mice is how are the mice getting in! Mice can fit through extremely small holes so it isn't always easy to locate the entry point.... Continue Reading →

How to get rid of mice in Kitchen

Mouse Pest Control - Need to get rid of mice in the kitchen? Mice will take any opportunity presented to them to enter a nice warm property, especially if there's access to food! Mice are able to detect heat flowing out of your property through air bricks or other holes in the masonry. These holes... Continue Reading →

Get rid of mice in Marlow

Our pest control technicians have been surveying a domestic property for mice in the loft. Dean quickly discovered there was a severe infestation of mice in the property! The was a huge amount of mouse dropping under the insulation in the loft, and a lot of gnawing on pipe insulation. Dean set many mouse traps... Continue Reading →

Get rid of mice from kitchen

We were called to an infestation of mice in a kitchen in Twyford Berkshire on Wednesday. We set some mouse traps and returned today to find we'd already caught 5 mice. We have left the mouse traps set and will return on Monday to remove the traps and fit air brick covers to prevent further... Continue Reading →

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