Pest Control for Mice in Berkshire

Mice are a very common pest in the winter months, often taking up residence in lofts, sheds and garages. The main thing to consider when trying to get rid of mice is how are the mice getting in! Mice can fit through extremely small holes so it isn't always easy to locate the entry point.... Continue Reading →

Get rid of mice in the loft – Pest Control Berkshire

DKG Pest Control Ltd provide a professional pest control service in Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Our pest control services include mouse control treatments of domestic and commercial properties. Our pest technicians are experts at sourcing the cause of the mouse infestation as well as eradicating the current population of mice. We specialise in non-toxic pest... Continue Reading →

Rats in my loft

Rats in my loft - We are receiving more calls than ever to rats in lofts across Berkshire. There is a serious problem with the rat population in Berkshire at the moment, mainly in clients lofts or around Bird feeders / compost bins. With the local rat population being some of the worst for Rodenticide... Continue Reading →

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