Rat Blocker for Drains

Rat Blocker for drains - DKG Pest Control Ltd have been installing Rat Blocking drain valves since 2009! The initial plastic rodent non-return valves were very difficult to install properly and would often jam open! As with everything, the rat blocking drain valves have improved a huge amount recently! The new RatWall drain valve by... Continue Reading →

Pest Control for Rats in Berkshire

Our pest control technician caught this adult Brown Rat in a trap inside a domestic loft. The client had been hearing something moving around the loft, our pest control technician found rat dropping in the loft and in the drain. He installed a Rat Wall Drain Valve and set a trap in the loft. Another... Continue Reading →

Stainless Steel Rat Flap for Drains

Rat Flap for Drains - DKG Pest Control Ltd install Rodent non return valves into drains to protect your property from rodent ingress across Berkshire. We only install high quality stainless steel rat flaps in drains, we are an approved RatWall installer so you can rest assured knowing your drain valve will be installed correctly!... Continue Reading →

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