Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Buckinghamshire

A few pictures from jobs our Bird Proofing team lead by Robin have been doing today. The team have been bird proofing solar panel in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Next week we are back down in Southampton. For a free quote please visit >> Bird Proofing Solar Panels

Pest Control Odiham Hampshire

Mice damage pipe insulation Pest Control Odiham - Mice love to chew on pipe insulation, plastic pipe fittings and most things found in lofts! Although mice are only very small and don’t really cause a huge amount of noise, they can do serious damage within the building quite quickly. Gnawing of cables or water pipes... Continue Reading →

Pest Control Hampshire

Pest Control Hampshire Need Pest Control in Hampshire? Laura was one of the very first active female pest control technicians to qualify through RSPH Level 2 and Verified with Basis Prompt CPD. Laura qualified back in 2008 and has since carried on through RSPH Level 3. Laura manages most of our contracts in Hampshire, from... Continue Reading →

Wasp Nest Removal 16/4/2022

Wasp Nest Removal Woodley Another wasp nest removed from a shed in Woodley this morning. If you discover a wasp nest and need it treated visit the links below. Wasp Nest Removal Woodley Wasp Nest Removal UK

Hornet Nest Removal Berkshire

Hornet Nest Removal Berkshire DKG Pest Control provide professional Hornet nest removal treatments across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. We carry out a lot of Hornet nest treatments in Crowthorne, Bracknell and Ascot due to the Swinley forest being a perfect nesting site for hornets who love to build their nests on the edge of woodland.... Continue Reading →

Pest Control Contracts

Rat Control Wokingham We have had a busy couple of weeks with pest control contract quotes / setups. Mostly care homes, schools, garden centres and a petting zoo. We don’t actively advertise for contract work as we don’t want to be employing more technicians, and we are always busy with domestic job work. But all... Continue Reading →

Pest Control Sonning Common

Pest Control Sonning - Our technician in Sonning Common is Laura, who has been with us since 2010. Laura was one of the first Female RSPH 2 qualified pest control technicians in the country, in the past few years more women have come into the industry as active technicians. Laura had a really hard time... Continue Reading →

Wasp Nest Removal Laura was all out this morning to a property in Woodley who’s plumber had reported a large wasp nest in the loft. Luckily the wasps nest wasn’t an active nest! So it was a super simple wasp nest removal but none the less, the client was happy to see it gone! Wasp... Continue Reading →

Pest Control Hampshire

Our technician Dean is currently of for a minimum of 6 weeks (29th March 2022 until mid May) So Robin and Ryan from Hampshire will be helping to cover Dean’s area in Berkshire. All services will continue as normal other than Solar Panel bird proofing which we are not booking in for June 2022. To... Continue Reading →

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